“During the period 2004/2006 Australian Indemnity Pty Ltd and its consultant, Paul Ellison provided consulting services to IBNA Limited and its members. The services provided included:

• Advice to members’ relating to professional indemnity insurance;
• Advice and assistance with risk placement;
• Review of policy wordings and negotiation with risk carries;
• Established risk placement facilities for industry schemes;
• Review and advised insured’s in matters relating to claims notification and management;
• Preparation of material including check lists, relating to “claims made” contracts;
• Preparation and conduct of staff training sessions;
• Provided a telephone “help line” services to members.

• Provided advice to the Board and instrumental in the establishment of a member only facility for professional indemnity, directors’ and officers’ liability and management liability schemes.

During the term of the contract Australian Indemnity provided a significant resource of knowledge and experience in all matters relating to specialty insurance products and risks. This translated to assisting the membership understand the products and opportunities available to improve their market share of businesses that provide professional advice.”

Peter Imeson, former Chief Executive Officer, IBNA Limited